'Nothing human disgusts me unless it's unkind', said Tennessee Williams in the movie The Night of the Iguana.
I saw this film where the main character was an alcoholic shepherd, and as an artist, I identify with the inner paradox that the human being carries.
My projects approach the metaphysics of humans and what surrounds them, sometimes more submerged in the human, sometimes in what surrounds it, and sometimes just submerged in the invisible lines that create a conversation between us.
Through installation, photography, and film, I enter into the deconstruction of narratives to build new ones and raise debate between audience and work or vice versa.
We once lived on the same continent, now we just live in the same world. I believe that this ever-changing globalization gives rise to new premises that seek a constant observation of what can be renewed. 
Having said this, I am an artist to speak because I believe that my conversation with the world passes through this permission. Permission to observe the world and consequently to let myself be seen by it.

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