'He takes up the old cabbalistic arguments: Eve means Life and Adam Earth. Created after man, woman is more finished then he. She is born in paradise, he outside. When she falls into the water, she floats; man sinks. She is made from Adam’s rib and not from earth. Her monthly cycles cure all illnesses. Eve merely wandered in her ignorance, whereas Adam sinned, which is why God made himself a man; moreover, after his resurrection he appeared to women.'
The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir

More than an antithesis of reality, Bas-Bleu is an action that corresponds to a single consequence. It is about proving that there is a lie implicit in the condemnation that is imposed on us from the very beginning of our lives. Within the foreignness of our slang, we are used to being low profile, to know how to put our hands up even without warning of danger, and when we are asked about our side they suggest to us the whole idea that there is a lie implicit in the conviction that we might as well stay on the fence. We are not witches, we are bas-bleu.
Marta Areosa

Nuno Loureiro aka lorr no 

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